Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is B.J. Upton A Fit For The Braves?

With the rumors circulating around that the Braves are "making a push" for B.J. Upton, I decided to take a look at Upton versus the Braves incumbent centerfielder, Michael Bourn.

(Chris Trotman/Getty Images North America)
Since being acquired from the Astros in the summer of 2011, Michael Bourn has become a fan favorite in Atlanta. His speed and defense gave the Braves a look at the top of their lineup they haven't seen since the Rafael Furcal days. Bourn also filled the void in centerfield left by Andruw Jones after the 2007 season. Mark Kotsay, Jordan Schafer, and Nate McLouth all had their chances, but either didn't produce at the level the Braves needed or had injury issues.

When the Braves traded prospects Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens, Juan Abreu, and Jordan Schafer for Bourn many felt like the Braves got a steal when you consider what the Astros received for Hunter Pence. With his agent being Scott Boras, the Braves knew the odds were slim that could extend him before he reached free agency and that brings us to B.J. Upton. 

Since Michael Bourn no longer fits into the Braves budget, they have (according to sources) set their sights on B.J. Upton. Some fans want to point to his low batting average or low on-base percentage, but let's compare his stats to those of Michael Bourn. 

I want to do a blind eye test here, just for the sake of making this argument better:

Player A: .274/.348/.391 .739 OPS 99 OPS+ 42 SB 13 CS 104 wRC+

Player B: .246/.298/.454 .752 OPS 109 OPS+ 31 SB 6 CS 107 wRC+

Player "A" is Michael Bourn and Player "B" is B.J. Upton. 

Earlier, I mentioned how some fans want to point to Upton's lower on-base and batting average, but he makes up for that with a higher slugging percentage. He also possesses the same speed threat as Bourn, but he gets thrown out at much lower rate. 

There's also something else B.J. Upton could bring the Braves and that's a nice speed/power threat from the right side. With a lefty heavy lineup, Upton could break up Heyward and Freeman. Andrelton Simmons, Martin Prado, Dan Uggla, and B.J. Upton would give the Braves a nice mix of right handed batters. 

The only real downside to B.J. Upton against Michael Bourn, would be on the defensive side of things. Without overloading on stats, Michael Bourn is an elite defender. B.J. Upton isn't in the same ballpark as Bourn on defense, but he certainly won't embarrass himself out there either. 

Both batters strikeout at high rates (Bourn 21.3%) (Upton 26.7%), but far too often Michael Bourn seemed to be a leadoff hitter who couldn't get on base. With B.J. Upton, you're at least getting a guy who is a legitimate 30/30 player and when you throw in Jason Heyward, it would be great having two guys in the same lineup who are potential 30/30 players. 

I think the Braves would be wise to make an offer to B.J. Upton. Josh Hamilton is too pricey and the other candidates wouldn't bring what B.J. Upton could bring the Braves. He may not be the "perfect fit", but who is in this free agent class? The Braves would be getting a player who is in their prime and could benefit from not only changing leagues, but also having a change of scenery. 

We'll see what Frank Wren and the Braves decide to do, but I think B.J. Upton would be a nice addition to the Braves. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mike Fiers: Sleeper NL Rookie of the Year Candidate.

If the season ended today, my NL Rookie of the Year award pick would be Mike Fiers of the Milwaukee Brewers. 
Mike McGinnis/Getty Images North America)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Interview with Braves prospect J.R. Graham.

A few weeks ago I was able to set up an email interview with J.R. Graham of the Atlanta Braves. If you're unfamiliar with J.R. Graham, he was the Braves 4th round selection in the 2011 MLB Draft out of Santa Clara University. 

Credit: Steven Mantilla/Register & Bee

As of 6/11/2012, he's 7-1 with a 2.58 ERA and averaging 5.75 K/9 and only 1.76 BB/9. Graham is known as a power pitcher and can touch 98-100 MPH with his fastball. He compliments his fastball with an above average slider and a changeup. 

Now that you know the basics with J.R. Graham, let's get to the interview questions!

Brandon Greene: Which player(s) did you look up to when you were younger? 

J.R. Graham: Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, and Tim Hudson. 

BG: At what point did you realize you may have a future in baseball?

J.R.: I've always had the dream of playing professional baseball, but I don't think it really hit me until my sophomore year of high school 

BG: You were a two-way player early in your college career. Do you ever miss playing the field?

J.R.: I do miss it from time to time. That's the nice part of being on a national league team they let us bunt and swing it from time to time. So I get my hitting fix. 

BG: Have you ever been compared to other players in MLB? If so, which stands out the most?

J.R.: I've had a few comparisons. Tim Hudson, Roy Oswalt, but the one that stands out most to me and I don't know where it came from was a young Greg Maddux.

BG: What has been the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make over the course of your young career?

J.R.: Going from a thrower to a pitcher. I used to get on the mound and just throw as hard as I could and let my stuff take over. 

BG: What were your thoughts when the Braves selected you in the fourth round of the 2011 Draft?

J.R.: I was in disbelief. I hadn't talked to them much before the draft. Once I saw my name going to the Braves I was extremely happy because of the rich history they have of developing pitchers and being a first class organization. 

BG: Do you read into any of the new age stats (Sabermetrics)?

J.R.: Not really. I just go out and play the game. 

BG: What do you like to do in your free time?

J.R.: I like to watch movies and read on occasion. I also enjoy going out on the boat. 

BG: What’s the one song on your iPod or MP3 player you can’t go without hearing?

J.R.: Too many songs to pick from. I love music. Right now my song would be Chiron by All That Remains. 

BG: Do you have any hobbies outside of baseball?

J.R.: Even though I'm not good at it I like to golf. 

BG: Do you ever get compared to Tim Lincecum? 

J.R.: The only comparison I've had with Tim Lincecum is being an undersized pitcher.  

BG: What’s more satisfying? Hitting a home run or striking out a batter?

J.R.: That's a tough one! I'd say striking out a batter. 

BG: Do you have any superstitions?  

J.R.: I have to sleep with my glove the night before I start. 

BG: At the time of this interview, you’re 5-0 with a 2.33 ERA. What do you think has been the key to your success? 

J.R.: Attacking hitters and not letting them get comfortable. 

BG: How do you prepare for a start? (Mentally, physically, etc.)

J.R.: Mentally, I visualize what I want to do the night before and I visualize each pitch I throw. I do this every night before I pitch. Physically, I have a lifting and running routine I stick to. So, when the game comes I know I am physically prepared to preform. 

BG: Last question, what piece of advice would you give to a young pitcher that’s hoping to be drafted someday?

J.R.: Follow your dreams.

Thanks again to J.R. Graham for the interview. He's one of the nicest players I've ever spoken to and he's off to a great start to his career. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who I think the Braves will draft in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft... 
After researching the players eligible for the 2012 MLB Draft, I think the Braves will go with either: Richie Shaffer, Stephen Piscotty, Victor Roache, or David Dahl.
I would assume Shaffer or Piscotty would be higher on the Braves list since they need to start getting realistic in replacing Chipper Jones. It’s questionable that Richie Shaffer or Stephen Piscotty would even available when the Braves make their pick (21st), but those are the two players I think they should target.

Richie Shaffer (GREENVILLE NEWS - OUT.)
Victor Roache played at Georgia Southern and he’s one of the best OF power bats in the draft. I think he might slip on some draft lists because of the school he went to and the fact that a lot of teams want to go with unpolished high school players. I think Roache could be a steal, much like Mikie Mahtook was to the Rays last season.

  David Dahl is a high school player out of Alabama who could appeal to the Braves. I think he’ll go early in the draft, but could fall because teams worry about his power ceiling. He’s athletic and has good tools and some have compared him to Johnny Damon. He would be an excellent choice (if he falls) because the Braves aren’t likely to re-sign Michael Bourn.

To sum it up: Stephen Piscotty and Richie Shaffer would fit the Braves mold of drafting college players that can play sooner, rather than later (Mike Minor, Sean Gilmartin, Navery Moore, etc.). They need a realistic option at third base after Chipper Jones and Shaffer and Piscotty are about as good as it gets in the draft this season. If they choose to look in the outfield, Victor Roache would give the Braves what they’ve been missing for the past decade (a power hitting, right handed, outfield bat). David Dahl would be a high value pick if he were to fall, but the odds of that happening are slim.

I guess we’ll see what happens on Draft day!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chipper Jones: Future Hall Of Famer

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)

Chipper Jones announced today that he plans on retiring following the 2012 season. 

When I think of Chipper Jones, I think of consistency. Growing up, I kind of took it for granted that Chipper would hit .300 25 HR 100 RBI every season. I never thought I’d see the day that the Braves wouldn’t have one of the “Jones Boys” in the lineup (Chipper and Andruw). Andruw moved on after the 2007, and now Chipper is retiring following the 2012 season. I’m going to miss Chipper Jones, but I’m glad that he’s leaving the game on his own terms and not because he was “forced out”. Hopefully, Chipper stays healthy and helps the Braves make yet another playoff run this upcoming season (Chipper and the Braves have made the postseason 14 times during Chipper’s 18 year career). Either way, I plan on sitting back and enjoying the last season of the future Hall of Famer, Chipper Jones. Chipper Jones symbolizes what the Braves were as a Franchise: Consistent, professional, and he made no excuses. 

Congratulations on a great career Chipper, I look forward to seeing you in Cooperstown soon. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 Spring Training All-Stars

It seems like every spring there's a few players that go above and beyond in their efforts to solidify a spot on a Major League roster. Last season, Jake Fox led the way with 10 home runs and 17 extra base hits. Sure, those numbers were pretty ridiculous, but Fox found himself designated for assignment on June 1st. Spring Training numbers really don't accumulate to much, unless you're fighting for one of the last roster spots or a top prospect trying to impress your club (I.E. Bryce Harper). It's hard to grasp if the numbers are a fluke because of the hitter friendly ballparks in Arizona and the fact that veterans are facing guys fresh out of A ball or guys that haven't hit their stride on the mound.

With that said, let's take a look at the 2012 Spring Training All-Stars!

*All stats were compiled on March 13, 2012*

(I'll keep it traditional and do NL/AL teams)


C - Hector Sanchez : San Francisco Giants

The young backstop for the Giants has a .438/.389/1.063 line this Spring with 3 HR and 8 RBI's in 16 at-bats.

He won't be taking playing time from a healthy Buster Posey anytime soon, but he's definitely turning heads this spring.

Mat Gamel of the Milwaukee Brewers (Yahoo Sports)
1B - Mat Gamel : Milwaukee Brewers

Mat Gamel has done his best Prince Fielder impersonation this spring and his .300/.364./.750 triple slash line indicates that. He's also added 3 HR and 7 RBI's in 20 at-bats. 

2B - Daniel Descalso : St. Louis Cardinals

Having a great spring is nothing new for Descalso and so far this year he has a .438/.609/.625 line. He's done this in 16 at-bats and it doesn't look like he's going to slow down soon.

SS - Freddy Galvis : Philadelphia Phillies

At one point during this offseason, Galvis looked like he could be taking over for long time Phillie Jimmy Rollins, but Rollins signed an extension and Galvis will play this season in the minors. Galvis hasn't let that stop him from having a great spring. So far, he's hitting at a .364/.393/.455 clip.

3B - Todd Frazier : Cincinnati Reds

Todd Frazier is still considered a "prospect" by the Reds, but many might consider the 26 year old a AAAA player. This spring he's showing why many still believe in his "prospect" status. So far he has a .286/.348/.810 line with 3 HR and 6 RBI's (in 21 at-bats).

OF: Alfonso Soriano : Chicago Cubs

.529/.529/1.412 4 HR 6 RBI

Alfonso Soriano is essentially a DH playing the outfield at this point in his career, but he's mashing in Mesa for the Cubs and he might be helping his trade value. 

OF: Jaff Decker : San Diego Padres

.350/.435/.850 2 HR 5 RBI

Jaff Decker is showing why many scouts consider him a solid prospect. The Padres are loaded with young talent and Decker could and should be given a chance to prove himself at the Major League level. This spring is definitely helping his cause.

OF: Gregor Blanco : San Francisco Giants

.522/.593/.565 0 HR 3 RBI 6 SB

Gregor Blanco is competing for a reserve role on the Giants and he's done an excellent job so far. He's had previous stints in Atlanta and Kansas City and is a slap hitter with decent speed. He can play decent defense, but he's nothing you really want starting on a consistent basis. The Braves essentially have the same player in Jose Constanza on the current roster.

P: Mike Minor : Atlanta Braves

0-0 0.00 ERA 9 IP 5 H 0 R 0 ER 4 BB 7 K

Mike Minor has had a great spring for the Atlanta Braves. He's backed up his words and is showing the Braves why he should be given a legit shot in the rotation. He's been efficient and has came right out and had no issues thus far in his 9 innings of work.  


C- Max Ramirez : Kansas City Royals

The former top prospect of the Atlanta Braves is having a tremendous spring for the Royals. In only 10 at-bats, he has hit 3 HR and has 7 RBI. He's doing this with a .400/.571/1.300 line. The odds of him keeping this up are slim to none, but he's had an "All-Star" spring so far.

1B - Billy Butler : Kansas City Royals

Another former top prospect, Billy Butler has had a fine career thus far with the Royals. This spring he's hitting at an elite level .455/.500/.818. Add in his 2 HR and 4 RBI and Butler is having an amazing spring. 

2B - Alexi Amarista : Los Angeles Angels

Ranked as the 8th best prospect in the organization by FanGraphs, he's lived up to that billing this spring.  So far, he's hitting .438/.471/1.000 with 2 HR and 6 RBI. I'm sure the Angels will send him down to play full time, but he's leaving a lasting impression on the Angels coaching staff.

SS - Eric Sogard : Oakland A's 

Eric Sogard is probably more known for his awesome goggles over his awesome numbers this spring, but A's fans should take notice of Sogard. So far, he's been more like Eric So-good! Hey, I'm trying here! All joking aside, this spring he's hitting .387/.457/.677 with 2 HR and 6 RBI. He's definitely having a spring to remember for the A's.

Brett Lawrie of the Toronto Blue Jays (SBNation)
3B - Brett Lawrie : Toronto Blue Jays

I think every baseball fan knows who Brett Lawrie is and if you don't you must live a sad life. Brett Lawrie was the major piece in the Shaun Marcum trade. He destroyed pitching in the minors and in the majors last season and now he's giving Grapefruit League pitchers nightmares! This spring he's compiled a .579/.600/.842 slash line. He hasn't hit any home runs, but he has 5 doubles in 19 at-bats. Basically, Lawrie is a machine... 

OF: Ryan Raburn : Detroit Tigers

.467/.471/1.467 4 HR 14 RBI

I think Ryan Raburn has a legit shot at earning Grapefruit League MVP honors this season. I guess Jake Fox wasn't able to defend his title from 2011.

OF: Carlos Peguero : Seattle Mariners

.308/.333/.654 3 HR 6 RBI

I'd like to see Peguero work on his plate discipline, but you can't argue with his power this spring. He may be the next Willy Mo Pena, but I have no problems putting him on my Spring Training All-Star list.

OF: Trayvon Robinson : Seattle Mariners

.538/.538/.846 1 HR 2 RBI

Acquired from the Dodgers, Robinson has put together a solid spring for the Mariners. He'll likely open the season as a starting outfielder and his spring numbers aren't anything to laugh at.

P : Blake Beavan : Seattle Mariners

1-0 2.38 ERA 11.1 IP 9 H 3 R 3 ER 1 HR 2 BB 6 SO 0.97 WHIP

Beavan has looked great this spring and I went with him because he's thrown the most innings and has very solid numbers. Plus, pitching in Arizona can only hurt your numbers, but he hasn't had any issues with that. 

I didn't mean to overload on Mariners players for my AL team, but they are tied with Oakland for the best record in the Cactus League and you have to reward a talented team when it comes to naming All-Stars.

It's interesting to see how some of the players with the best spring numbers, are the ones who are trying to catch the eye of a coaching staff or trying to hang onto their Major League career. The players mentioned above aren't sure bets to have great seasons, but they are definitely making it tough for teams to demote or release them. Whether you're young or old, Spring Training always brings one thing and that's: HOPE. Every team has a chance and every player has a chance to make the big league roster.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fantasy Baseball: My Sleeper Picks For 2012!

I'm an avid player of fantasy baseball and every year I like to focus on potential sleepers and younger players who can make an immediate impact. I only have a few rules I like to follow when I play fantasy baseball.
  • First pick is always best available player. (Pitcher or position player)
  • Draft scarce positions first. (SS/3B/2B)
  • Never pay for saves! (Look for sleeper closers or work the waiver wire) 
My rules aren't really "groundbreaking", but it's given me pretty solid results. So, now that's out of the way, let's get to my sleeper picks!

Position Players
  • Ike Davis: I don't consider Ike Davis as a "sleeper" in terms of production, but because he's coming off a major ankle injury that cost him most of last season. I put Davis right up with Eric Hosmer, the only difference is Ike Davis won't cost you an early round pick. Before his injury last season, Davis was putting together a ridiculous season with a .302/.383/.543 slash line. Sure, that's probably not sustainable judging by his .344 BABIP, but it's pretty much on level with his career averages. If healthy, you can get Eric Hosmer production much later on in the draft. His injury concerns wouldn't make him my only 1B, but take him later on and you could be rewarded. 

  • Yunel Escobar: After having a rough 2010, Yunel Escobar rebounded to have a very nice 2011 season. He won't give you much in terms of power, but the potential is there and playing at Rogers Centre will help him. He's a gap hitter and should net close to 30 doubles next season. He has excellent plate discipline and he's pretty much 1:1 in terms of his K/BB ratio. When you consider the SS position, you only have a few "elite" players. I think Escobar is on the fringe of being an "elite" SS, but his power may limit him. Far too often in my drafts I see Elvis Andrus and Alcides Escobar going ahead of Yunel Escobar and it has to be on popularity alone. If you need a late round SS that can put up solid numbers, Yunel Escobar is your player. His latest Bill James projection has him putting up a .284/.364/.396 slash line and I'd take that any day of the week from a fantasy SS.

    • Jason Heyward: An injury filled 2011 tarnished Heyward's fantasy value in 2012, but reports indicate he's healthy and he's made appropriate adjustments to his swing. I think a lot of the luster that Heyward once had is now gone and many people will kind of "forget" about him so to speak. In my mock drafts, I was able to get Heyward anywhere from round(s) 9-12. You know what Jason Heyward brings to the table, good power, good line drive rate, high .OBP, etc. Like Ike Davis, I only consider Heyward a "sleeper" because of his injury last season and not because of his talent level. 

    • J.D. Martinez: I think Martinez has a great chance at rewarding fantasy owners in 2012. I've kept an eye on Martinez since 2010, when my friend got his rookie card in a box of Bowman prospect cards. I know that's an odd reason to follow a player, but his stats seemed pretty decent and I was intrigued. Bill James projects a .297/.353/.458 slash line from Martinez in 2012 and that's pretty amazing for a guy most people haven't heard of (outside of Astro fans). Yes, those are projections, but he's going to be given every chance to prove himself as a MLB starter in 2012. You could take him very late in the draft, or work the waiver wire and pick him if lives up to that projection.
    • Some other position players to keep an eye on: Devin Mesoraco, Yonder Alonso, Tyler Pastornicky, Ben Revere, Martin Prado, Chase Headley, Anthony Rizzo, Jason Kipnis. 

      • Addison Reed: I think Addison Reed should and will get a crack at being the closer for the White Sox at some point in 2012. This could work it's self out in Spring Training, but it could come down to Matt Thornton and Addison Reed. The White Sox will possibly move Thornton around the All-Star break and that would open the door for Reed. Throughout his career he has averaged around 13 K/9 and maintained a BB/9 under 2 which is pretty  remarkable for a young, power pitcher. Monitor the situation in Chicago, and don't hesitate to pick up Addison Reed if and when he becomes the closer. 

      • Kenley Jansen: I think Jansen should win the Dodgers closer position over Javy Guerra, and I think he's going to be a fantastic closer. Last season, he posted 16.10 K/9 in 53.2 IP and he should only build upon that in 2012 (maybe not 16+ K/9, but his stuff is very nasty). If you need saves and you don't want to "pay" for a closer, keep an eye on Kenley Jansen. 

      • Cory Luebke: After putting together a solid in 2011, Luebke is one of my favorite LHP options available in 2012. Last season, he went 6-10 with a 3.09 ERA and 9.82 K/9 and an 2.93 FIP and 3.02 xFIP. He split time as a reliever, but his numbers didn't take a hit either way. Bill James projects Luebke to 13-7 2.88 ERA (3.30 FIP) 168 K (8.49 K/9). Those are very nice numbers for a guy most people have probably never heard of (outside of Padre fans). If you need strikeouts or just solid pitching stats, keep tabs on Cory Luebke. 

      •  Other potential sleeper pitchers: Drew Pomeranz, Homer Bailey, Bud Norris, James McDonald, Andrew Cashner, Brandon Morrow, Randall Delgado, Mike Minor, Chris Sale. 

      Thanks for reading and good luck in your fantasy league in 2012! 

      Tuesday, February 7, 2012

      College Baseball: Why All MLB Fans Should Take Notice

      (Foley Field, home of the Georgia Bulldogs)

      Throughout the years college baseball has been growing not only with college sports fans, but also fans of Major League Baseball. It's been an interesting transition, but it's not a surprising one. Not too long along ago information about college baseball players wasn't the easiest to come across, but that's not the case anymore.

      Baseball, now more than ever, is a game of prospects. Scouting reports and information about amateur players used to be reserved for people on the "inside", but now any fan can type in a high school player or college player's name into a search engine and they can also feel like a scout or an insider as well. College baseball is becoming more prominent of late because of all the talented college players that are being drafted and developed. Just look over the past few years, you have: Stephen Strasburg, Danny Hultzen, Anthony Rendon, David Price, Mikie Mahtook, Trevor Bauer, Gerrit Cole, Buster Posey, Bryce Harper, Drew Pomeranz, and many more. College baseball is producing more and more MLB ready players. Unlike high school players, these players are competing in major conferences against other top prospects. In high school, it's hard to say this unless you live in a state like California, Texas, Florida, or Georgia. In college, you can be from any state and you can showcase your talents against the best of the best every weekend (assuming you play in a "power conference"). I understand that they're no guarantees with any prospect, high school or college, but it's becoming more evident to me that high college draft picks are becoming "safer" picks versus their high counterparts.

      A major complaint many fans have towards college baseball is the "pinging" of the bats. They don't consider it to be real baseball. Well, the NCAA has made changes (click link for more info) to make the game less of a hitters paradise. This will cut down on "cheap" home runs and will also allow pitchers to actually pitch to their true ability instead of worrying about giving up home runs to a light hitting 2nd baseman. Sure, they aren't wooden bats, but this is as close it gets. Also, college players use wooden bats in summer leagues, and that should help determine their skills, even if it's a small sample size.

      College baseball is rapidly growing amongst fans of Major League Baseball and it's due in large part from the success of players like Stephen Strasburg, Evan Longoria, and Bryce Harper. Fans know from their success that top prospects are coming from the college ranks and they want to say they knew of them before they are popular. Yes, high school draft picks come with just as much hype and promise, but you have to wait upwards of 5 years before most of them are Major League ready, that's not always the case, but recent college picks have only been taking around 1-3 years to develop properly. In some cases, they can be ready after a short stint in the minors, a trip to the AFL, and an impressive Spring Training campaign.

      If you're a "true" baseball and you don't follow college baseball, you're doing a disservice to yourself.

      Thanks for reading!

      Monday, February 6, 2012

      My First Entry and A Little About Me:

      My first blog entry!

      For my first post I figured I would tell you all about myself!

      My name is Brandon and I'm a huge baseball fan. I enjoy not only watching the game, but I also like the scout players and learn more about the game through analytical stats. I'd like to think I know my fair share when it comes to the great game of baseball and I'm always open to new ideas or beliefs. I do have some "oldschool" beliefs, but my views on the game are with those of the modern society. I try my best to stay "unbiased", but sometimes it's hard to hide the fact that I'm a diehard Atlanta Braves fan.

      I've been a baseball fan my entire life, but I really started understanding the game when I was around the age of 9. I guess becoming a baseball fan in the late 90's wasn't the best time to become a fan. The game was filled with genetically enhanced players and games looked more like pinball, rather than an old fashioned game of baseball. Still, I got to witness both the Braves and Yankee dynasties of the 90's and that was an amazing experience. I know that wasn't the most glorious time to become a huge baseball fan, but those memories will stay with me for the rest of my life.

      With all that said, I hope you enjoy reading over my blog. I'll do my best to update it frequently with my ideas, thoughts, or just things I find fun about the game of baseball!

      Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!